2 ALPHACHOCKS MID + soft-case (one side Rhino Polyeruthane)

A chock that goes beyond protecting your aircraft. It also saferguards your hanger floor.

This ALPHACHOCKS MID set is condensed in just 2.6kg (6.3 lbs) in their neat soft-case bag allowing you to even carry them in the cockpit. One side Rhino Polyeruthane


Weight:           only 0.8kg (1.8lbs)
MTOW:           up to 20t (40,000lbs)
Wheels size: up to 50cm (20in)
Mechanism:  foldable technic


Length:          15cm (6 in)
Height:          6cm (2.5 in)
Width:           11cm (4.3in)

Made 100% in Switzerland
Technologically advanced chock designed using the latest computer software in collaboration with top engineers in order to calculate the ultimate strength combining the lowest weight possible. Which resulted in using forged aluminum 6082 T6 as material.

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CHF 820.00


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